Introducing you to a Grand Female Master

Master Liu Hea was born in Jilin province, China. She started practicing qi gong and studying Chinese Medicine with her grandfather at age nine. She has been invited to participate at the International Congress of Chinese Medicine in Beijing and in Canton City, and demonstrated healing and treating patients in front of hundreds of people. She was invited to demonstrate in the Beijing Chinese Traditional Medicine University together with her brother (well-known Dr.-Grand Master Liu Dong). They together treated the previous Chinese President Hua Guo Feng (the successor appointed by Mao before he died) and the late President Hu Yao Bang. She was the co-founder with Dr. Liu Dong of the French Chinese Medicine and the Healing Qigong School in Paris and Toulouse. She was invited to teach qigong in Italy, Spain, the United States and Switzerland. Now she has chosen to settle down in Portland, Oregon and has begun teaching and treating patients. We are honored to introduce Liu Hea to our friends on our web site.

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