Image & Intent Chinese Medicine
In ancient China, doctors had the ability to scan a client’s body, trace the root cause and tailor individual treatment without the client uttering one word. Image Medicine develops these abilities to scan with the hand, body and third eye, seeing images of the inner physical landscape, energy anatomy, and spiritual/emotional connections. Healing is then activated in the most subtle and profound level of image, then directed with qi/energy to restore wellness on all levels: Physical, Energetic, Emotional and Spiritual. This method of healing has been adapted into Russian hospitals and university curriculums, and is approved for higher education in China. This practice is for health providers as well as people interested in healing.  The ZY Qigong workshop is prerequisite for most students unless approved by teachers.
Jerigtu is known to have success with challenging physical issues such as herniated discs, digestive issues, sleep disorders, chronically weak joints, muscle atrophy due to torn tendons, and illnesses due to low energy, general deficiencies, low libido, etc.  He works on increasing one’s life force and hence improving functioning of organs, bones, nerves and tissues.  He has also worked to retrieve partially lost souls with quite a few clients that manifested in comprehensive improvement in these people’s lives.
Claire is known to pinpoint emotional and informational causes for physical and energy illnesses.  She works well with illnesses that need releasing, cleansing or detoxing.  The sessions are often intensely emotional, as many says, “cathartic” and “life changing.”
“In healing sessions with me, first I scan for a main pattern of stagnation, limitation or imbalance in the client.  Then I try to identify the place in the body the holding pattern starts.  After, we go in with our awareness and energy and shine a light on this ignored place in the body, and try to bring into image the time and place where the holding started.
Maybe it was a forgotten or repressed memory from childhood.  Maybe it’s been only remembered by the mind but not yet connected to the visceral body.  Maybe its been remembered physically only in the muscle issues but not yet deep in the organs or bones.   Maybe the spiritual issue has been repeated in past lives not still waiting to be resolved.
Maybe it’s isolated.  Maybe there have been multiple traumas.  Maybe different layers of emotions are tied into each other, and need to be untangled one by one.
I found for myself and others that it’s a life long unpeeling process, and each peeling frees a part of our true self, so our capacity for living our true life gets expanded.  We become unstuck, physically, emotionally and energetically.  We become more in tune with the ebb and flow of life.
You may schedule a single scanning session, or you may consider a course of consecutive sessions if you are ready for change.   It does take a series of consecutive change in organ functioning, channels flowing and energy increasing for an overall paradigm shift.  Please make sure to allow time for rest after your sessions.  This is key for full energy absorption and it allows change to take place while you are completely relaxed.”
In ancient China and Mongolia, doctors could scan a client s body, trace the cause, and offer treatment without the client uttering one word. Image Medicine uses these abilities to scan the inner physical landscape, energy anatomy, and emotional/spiritual patterns and then directs chi to heal and restore wellness on all levels.
One of the foundations of Chinese medicine is in 8 characters: “Tong (1) Ze Bu Tong (4), Tong (4) Ze Bu Tong (1).”
Literally it means, “When it’s open and through there’s no pain; when there’s pain there’s blockage or holding or not opening, not through”. Traditional Chinese Medicine is simple as that, and elegant as that.  When we can identify where the holdings are, and when we can learn to release, that’s literally how we heal, very simple.
Sometimes the holdings could be just a point along the channel, and that’s why people can have very quick healings. You open up a point, then it’s through, then they’re better.
But more often times, if it’s a pattern that’s been there for a long time or maybe for many lifetimes, then it could be a spider web, that there could be multiple stories that’s behind the holdings. And these stories literally are the basis of the existence of our ego and we carry all of the unresolved issues within our body.  Then the healing is a process of peeling layers, undoing one knot at a time, until the whole pattern releases from the organs, channels, tissues and bones.
Releasing a tightness or holding sometimes feels like releasing a weakness.  It feels as if life force and blood is flowing in there for the first time in a long time, and rebuilding that area.  We feel as if our life has expanded with the expanding inside us.
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