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"There are twenty years between Liu Dong and me. (Yanling means she is 20 years older than Liu Dong.)  As an old (again Yanling means she is old) student of his, I admire his knowledge, incredible human power, and respect his humble and decency.  On our way to lecture at the first Spanish Qigong Congress, Dean and I ate lunch with Dr. Liu Dong in Paris where he teaches TCM. When Dr. Liu Dong asked me to translate the complete Jade Body Form for him and lay out on our website, I finished the translation and Dean worked on his pictures. As Dr. Liu wishes, now we offer this great form to you."


Yanling Lee Johnson


The last time we saw him, he offered to freely put his Jade Body Qigong form on the internet.  The translation is from the following book:

book1.jpg (37873 bytes)

Most of the figures are from the following book.  It is in French:

book2.jpg (28161 bytes)

If you need further information, you can contact Master Liu Dong at the following location:

Liu Dong

Ecole de Medecine Chinoise

25 Rue de Fleurus

75006 Paris - France

Tel:(33) Fax: (33)

Website for Liu Dong and his sister Liu He

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