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Qigong For Living

by Yanling Lee Johnson


"Having a light-hearted attitude towards living is helpful in finding the truth of life" says Yanling when asked how do we live a happy and healthy life? Incorporating simple qigong exercises into our daily routine can have profound effects on our health, happiness and longevity. Qigong isn't always that difficult to do, we need good information, a sincere attitude and patience to receive the wonderful results that qigong practice can reward us with. In this book, we will explore Qigong as it relates to our soul and spirit: Qigong as it is taught and practiced in modern China; and we will learn many useful Qigong exercises that we can use today to improve our health, refine our spirit, and even increase our sexual pleasures.


  • Learn about "immortality" in terms of Qigong practice
  • Understand the relationship between Qigong, Soul, and Spirit
  • Explore recent Qigong experiments in modern China
  • Learn many practical Qigong exercises for improving your health


"Yanling is one of our most sincere Qi cultivation practitioner - scholars. Her books bring the reader into the vastness of China's qigong domain of self-healing, empowerment and spirituality"

       - Roger Jahnke, OMD

          Author: The Healer Within and t he Healing Promise of Qi.  

"Yanling's joyful shen emanates from each page of this wonderful book. The author shares intimate personal moments along with her professional wisdom. The title says it all!"

       - Brother Bernard Seif

          Roman Catholic Monk, Clinical Psychologist, Board Certified in Behavorial Medicine, Doctor of Naturopathy, Chinese Medicine Specialist

We are packaging Qigong for Living with Yanling's first book Qi, The Treasure and Power of Your Body and offering free shipping (USA only).  You can click on the pictures to see what Amazon has to say about them.




PRODUCT: Yanling's Book Package--$26.95
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For those that want all three books, we include Yanling's A Woman's Qigong Guide in her Special Book Package also with free shipping (USA only).  You can click on the picture to see what Amazon has to say about it.




PRODUCT: Yanling's Special Book Package--$36.95
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