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Introduce Yanling’s new translation: What is Beyond Us

To an independent thinker who pursues spiritual growth this book can benefit any type of practitioner such as a Buddhist, or tai chi, qigong, or martial art practitioner – even one who takes modern science as their faith.

Rwa’s stories and poems can be very resourceful and educational. They tell why the only obstacles in a practitioner’s personal development are self xin (heart mind; consciousness). They tell why we have to make self-effort in order to stop the mind from creating karmas. Karma is our force of habit of previous lives that makes us each different individual, and the book shows this is why we have to pick the right way that suits self to learn about self and get to know about the truth of self.

The stories of the saints in my other books all show the same truth: choosing the right path for self. This is why I added my brief comparison between Milareb and Rwa, who both were great achievers of Buddhism of Tibetan tradition, yet in very differentl style. Their stories showed this great wisdom of Buddhism: to adapt to cultivate self-mind. They showed how limited the human intelligence is - such as we only believe what we can see and even become superstitious.

You will read about Rwa’s stunning natural superpower. However, what he could do cannot even compare with what all the people can do when you read the Forty-eight Wishes of Buddha Amitabha! Yet again, the Buddha told us that each of us has a young Amitabha within. And, He accepts the imperfect ones like you and me to continue perfect self, when we are determined to go to the Pure Land!

Both Buddhism and Daoism teach that our mind is the “trouble-maker” and the heart can be the “peace-maker,” yet, neither is the true eternal, unchanging, the divine emptiness in you and me; in each of us. This is told in the Buddha’s Heart Sutra. So I added it to the end of the book. And, to “savior” Rwa’s songs helps also understand the Buddha’s Heart Sutra better, as this is how I felt. 

Rwa’s life and his songs told about how he revealed the powerful true self and how he strived towards to perfect self-Buddhahood.

This book tells us:

1. Where we humans came from and how we have got lost about the true self,

2. Why the karma-mind, good or evil can both block a practitioner to reveal the true self and perfect self,

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This story is about the daughter of one of Chiang Kai-shek’s generals(Yanling). It covers her life’s journey in seeking truth during a most tumultuous time. Mao’s society classified people, including all the children, by their family background, their schooling, marriages, and jobs, which affected their future. How would this little girl, the daughter of a concubine, survive in such a society? How would one persist in individual thinking behind a door closed to the world? The main character, Zhaohua, shows how strong a human spirit can be, and adapt to the changing environment, yet remain true deep down. America’s sweet freedom has given her the room to relieve the hurts and relax. She begins to see that her past, and her ancestors’ teachings, has guided her in the sense of right and wrong in a brainwashed society, and how their valuable teachings also are guiding her in the free world.

Yanling's new Ebook 

Qi Energy in Foods for Living - Vegetables

This is Volume 1 of Yanling's monumental translation (read more about Herbal Food below).  There has been a lot of work put into this to make it easier to read and navigate.

A testimonial:

The Qi Energy in Foods For Living - Volume 1 - The Vegetables, is an insight into a fascinating ancient culture and is brimming with good common sense and ancient proven knowledge. 

According to Chinese medicine, food sometimes functions as therapy.  We Americans could benefit greatly from changes in our diets and the information in this book is a good place to start.  I found this book to be a fascinating read!  Yanling Johnson does an masterful job of translating from the ancient text and, in addition, has included other information both interesting and helpful to the reader.  I highly recommend this book.                       Alexis Allen Chambers

You can buy and download it now by clicking here.

Yanling has another volume in the series:

Qi Energy in Foods for Living - Flowers and Plants

Yanling was interviewed.  You can hear it at:


Here is the direct link

2004 China Trip  

Yanling has cancelled the trip for 2003 due to various concerns.  She is planning to do it in 2004 on approximately the same dates.  Here are the details of the trip.  If you are interested in going, sign up for Yanling's mailing list (below).

The 2003 trip was cancelled, but Yanling went anyway and took Claire, our daughter.  Here is a story by Claire about her experiences.  She took lots of wonderful pictures and I will be putting them up here soon.

Yanling has some stories about the trip posted here.

From Yanling:

Hello, my name is Yanling Johnson and I will be taking a group to China in the summer of 2003.

In preparation for this trip, I went to China in September of 2002 to meet the teachers and gather information about the places we will be staying.

I believe the teachers I have recruited will be great teachers for the group.

This trip is to teach you how to increase wisdom (from your deep heart) and speed up enlightenment. I guarantee that the two teachers are erudite, very experienced,

high level qigong masters, and are enlightened. They are able to teach different individuals the right approach to pursuing Dao.

The class locations are in beautiful, scenic areas of China with clean air and friendly local people. We will be staying in folk style, tidy places.

One place will be in a Tibetan area but not in Tibet.

Come and join me to learn and practice with enlightened qigong masters July 20 -Aug 8, 2003.  We will be keeping the size of this group small, so please let us know as early as possible if you are interested.

To those who don't know me, I would like to use as a brief introduction what Dr. Roger Jahnke wrote for my new book, "Qigong for Living":

"Yanling is one of our most sincere Qi cultivation practitioner-scholars. Raised in China and steeped in the tradition, yet articulate in the language of the West, her books bring the reader into the vastness of China's qigong domain of self-healing, empowerment and spirituality. If you are interested in healing and health care, this book is a must-read. If you seek personal growth, this book will open your eyes, broaden your views and much more."

Roger Jahnke, OMD. Author and Director of the Institute of Integral Tai Chi & Qigong Association, Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine

There will be a newsletter to supply all the details soon.

Please contact yanling@qi.org or call 1-541-752-6599 for more information.

Herbal Food

Yanling has made it her mission to bring the vast wealth of dietary information from China to the West.  With that in mind, she has translated twelve volumes of the famous Compendium of Meteria Medica - Ben Tsao Gang Mu by Li, Shi-zhen (1518-1599, Ming Dynasty)  She has had trouble finding a publisher for this enormous work, so she is self-publishing with the first volume now available on line:

Qi Energy in Foods for Living -Fruit & Nuts

 by Yanling Johnson

The information in this book is the most interesting, powerful information about foods that can be found in the United States. It is a translation of one of the most famous medicine text books by Li, Shi-zhen during the Ming Dynasty. Human vital energy, or life force, is called qi (pronounced chi) in the Chinese language. This qi energy has been the focus and the first priority of Chinese health care for 7,000 years. Qi energy is the basic theory of how acupuncture needles, herbal formulas, Chinese diet, and Chinese exercises (like tai chi and qigong) work. The distinguishing characteristic of Chinese health care compared to that of the rest of the world is that it is about the energy of the whole being. Qi energy can be cleansed, balanced and increased by eating right and eating the right combination of foods. Wrong eating can do the opposite. So, eating right has been the main principle in Chinese medicine and in the Chinese people's lives forever.

The Twelve Volumes:

Volume No. 1 Vegetables
Volume No. 2 Grains
Volume No. 3 Fruit and nuts
Volume No. 4 Peppers & Tea
Volume No. 5 Insects
Volume No. 6 Fish
Volume No. 7 Birds
Volume No. 8 Animals, milk and breast milk
Volume No. 9 Flowers and Plants
Volume No. 10 Trees
Volume No. 11. Minerals & Waters
Volume No. 12 Recipes & Foods that Not Good Eaten



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