Master teacher Claire Guyu Johnson grew up in China, apprenticed by lineage holder of ZY Qigong, Mingtang Xu since 1999, and practiced solitary meditations without food or water in Chinese and Tibetan caves.   Claire combines her studies in psychology with qigong in her teaching and healing.   Her approach is heart centered, as the heart opening is a most effective entry and pathway that unifies the person emotionally, energetically, physically and spiritually, gradually through practice, one becomes the “Zhen Rin”, or the true, genuine human being.
Focusing on the emotional and informational patterns underlying the physical and energy illnesses, in healing, Claire looks at where the main energy holding is in the body or being, and what message that holding pattern has, and from which point this holding pattern can begin to untangle, and begin to release to the free flowing energy self that we are.  The process is done in a group setting as Claire identifies a main energy blockage in the group, and work with movement, breathing, chanting and meditation exercises to begin to undo this blockage, allowing free flow.  When blockages are released, one become more relaxed, and can allow more natural flow of energy to nourish and heal the being.  This process of release and rejuvenation is taken to a finer and finer level, as a finer and finer inner awareness is developed, eventually approaching the energetic state of our true self, becoming and being our original soul, the Oneness.
Claire teaches and heals with her husband Jerigtu throughout the US, Europe and Asia.
Mongolian shaman and healer, Jerigtu comes from a family of well known Shamans, healers, herbalists and Tibetan Buddhist Rinpoches (Living Buddhas).  His teaching and healing exemplifies his strong root as a Mongolian, connected to the endless grassland earth and the big heaven, connected to the ancestors and the lineages.  As one of the most ancient cultures that have not yet lost their practice, Jerigtu as a Mongolian constantly reminds us of our eternal connectedness. His teaching is centered on re-connecting with our original soul and with the universe, and letting the wisdom we receive from this directly benefit our daily lives.  He is the current lineage holder of the Taoist Sinew Transforming Classic practice.  Jerigtu travels year round with his wife Claire Guyu Johnson, teaching and practicing traditional Mongolian medicine in the US, Europe and Asia.
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